Recruitment and Selection

Staff Member

  1. Memorandum Requesting to Hold Examination, which specifies desired qualifications and roster of the Committee on Consideration for Specific Position (Interview), the documents addressed to Vice President for Human Resources
  2. Job Description Sheet
  3. Proposal of Roster of Tutors, dully affixed with signatures of all of them.

  1. Vice President for Human Resources – Chairperson of the Subcommittee
  2. Deanor the assigned Vice Dean, or Director of School/Institute – Subcommittee Member
  3. Head of Department/Chief of Field, or Secretary of School/Institute, or Director of Office or equivalent, or Head of Unit or Head of Section – Subcommittee Member
  4. Operative Tutors – Subcommittee Members
  5. Director of Human Resource Management Office – Subcommittee Member.

  1. Part of Written Examination and/or Practical Examination (100 Points) and
  2. Part of Evaluation for Suitability to Position (Interview) (100 Points)
A person scoring at least 50% in each part under the program and 60% in combine

Answer: Positions, which can request to hold qualification examinations, comprise: 1.Lecturer; 2. Researcher; 3. Position in Field of Scarcity; 4. Position, which requires a Staff Member highly experienced in work.
Answer: Schedule of written examination and interview shall be announced on the same website as the announcement on recruitment. The University shall announce the examination schedule within 7 days after the admission is closed.
Answer: If there is an applicant passing the interview, HRM shall notify the Unit about the day, on which the applicant can commence work.
If there is no applicant passing the examination, in a case where the Unit wants to hold the examination again, a new Memorandum must be submitted.

The University's Employee

  1. In a case of new hire, the Unit must refer the prospect to medical check-up and get the results for supporting the employment
  2. The employment documentation should be submitted before the 15th of each month, otherwise, the salary on that month will not be in time
  3. Hiring should give regard to Severance Pay, which the Unit would pay, if the Employment would not be renewed, and which would be expenditure of the Unit
  4. Position and Salary – the Unit must consider according to duties and position class, thereby comparing with the positioning standard of the Staff Member as criteria for hiring, not the educational qualifications
  5. Personal Background Check – before hiring the University's new Employee, the Unit is required to check personal profile, such as employment background, employment termination, and receipt of Severance Pay from the University at Human Resource Management Office
  6. Execution of Employment Contract and Performance Probation Evaluation – as hiring a person concerns Severance Pay, therefore, in executing an Employment Contract to hire any person for the first time, the Unit must agree on duties and implementation of performance probation evaluation at every 3 months of work, thereby using Form Evaluating Performance Probation of the University's Employee, in order to use the results of performance probation evaluation for supporting decision to continue the employment, or continue the performance probation. And if performance during the probation does not yield result, the Unit can terminate the employment (without Severance Pay, in a case of employment of less than 120 days and notice of employment termination being given in advance of 1 month)
  7. After the University's Employee satisfied performance probation evaluation at every 3 months for the 4th time, the Unit shall evaluate the performance at every 6 month, in accordance with the same evaluation period as the University's Staff Member thereby using Form Evaluating Performance Probation of the University's Employee.

  1. Memorandum of Reasons for Hiring
  2. For Requesting Approval for Hiring the University's Employee
  3. Employment Contract of the University's Employee, in 3 copies (1 for the Employee; 1 for the Unit; and 1 for HRM)
  4. For of Brief Personal Background of the University's Employee
  5. Job Description
  6. Copies of Educational Diploma
  7. Copy of Household Registration and Copy of National Identification Card or Passport
  8. Positioning/Repositioning and Promotion