Request for Academic Ranks

Request for Designation of Academic Ranks

Please visit using the university’s Intranet system and follow the following steps:
  1. Login to the Intranet system;
  2. Go to “Documents”, click topic 4. Designation of Position, Promotion, Ranks, select topic Regulations of King Monkut’s University of Technology Thonburi on the Requirements and Procedures for the Appointment and Revocation of Assistant Professor, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Adjunct Associate Professor, Professor, and Adjunct Professor B.E. 2557 (2014);
  3. For more information about the requirements for academic ranks designation, please go to “Documents”, click topic 4. Designation of Position, Promotion, Ranks, go to topic: Requirements and Procedures for the Designation of Academic Ranks for Instructors – Academic Employees – and Officials in Kor. Line B.E. 2550 (2007).

Answer: Teaching materials that have been prepared for more than 1 subject (equivalent to at least 2 credits) and have been used for teaching for more than 1 semester will be included for a teaching evaluation but no scores are provided.
Answer: The research article will be accepted as long as it is acknowledged by a letter from the editor of the international journal specifying the publication date of the article. If the qualified committees view that the article meets the specified quality and quantity requirements, it will be deemed accepted on the date of its publication.
Answer: No specific quantity is required by the university but the works should be produced at a reasonable amount as to show how proficient and resourceful the applicant is in the field he or she applies. Please note that quality precedes quantity.
Answer: No specific period for the reapplication is determined by the university. Any applicant that fails to receive the granting may re-apply for the appointment of academic ranks as soon as he has produced greater amount of academic works.
Answer: If a misrepresentation of the fact or plagiarism is found on the part of the applicant, he/she will be deemed to have breached the professional ethics. The university will cancel his/her application for academic rank appointment and impose disciplinary measures on him/her based on the seriousness of the offence and the relevant facts on a case-by-case basis and that applicant will be banded from re-applying for academic rank appointment for at least 5 years from the date the University Council approves his/her academic rank.    
Answer: No, you cannot. If you desire to propose your academic work, you can do it before your study leave or training leave is approved. The proposal can only be made during each regular working period.
Answer: No, unless otherwise the mentioned activities are conducted for the purpose of enhancing his/her academic knowledge or conducting an overseas research.
Answer: The proportion of work participation for the instructor is 60% of the proposed work. Any exceeding portion is required to include a reasonable explanation by the applying instructor.
Answer: It is required to specify all participating authors and it will be deemed that all authors have an equal amount of participation in the work. If some author is not available for the certification, please state clearly the reason why such author is absent from participation.
Answer: Yes, if the applicant has filed for the appointment before his/her retirement, resignation, or death, his/her application will be processed until completion without any amendment or revision of his/her academic work.