Performance Evaluation/My Evaluation

Committee on Performance Probation Evaluation

Answer: Staff Member in Academic Position: 1. Head of Department or Chief of Field; 2. Head of Field or Qualified Expert in the Department; and 3. Qualified Expert outside the Department or Field, or outside the Program (in a case of Faculty of Arts), at least 1 person; a Staff Member in Non-Academic Position: 1. Direct Superior; 2. Higher Superior; 3. Qualified Expert from inside Unit or outside Unit, 1 person.
Answer: Faculty, School or Institute must have the Faculty's Committee or the School's Committee or the Institute's Committee consider scrutinizing and proposing a roster of Committee on Evaluation under the structure of the Faculty, School or Institute to President or the person so assigned by President for consideration and appointment.

Monitoring and Evaluating Probation Results of Staff Member under 90-Day Probation

Answer: Monitoring and evaluating performance probation results are separated into 2 phases as follows:
  1. Period of 30-45 days, commencing from the date of enrollment of the Staff Member to the Unit, the Superior shall monitor and evaluate performance probation results and advise the Staff Member on improvement (if applicable)
  2. During the 90-day period, your supervisor will track your work performance and notify HRM of your evaluation result for further process (the result will be submitted to HRM at least 10 days before the 90-day period is completed).

Performance Evaluation

Answer: The system is available all the time and you can select a semester and record your work.    
Answer: If you wish to change the assignment, a prior MOA from your supervisor is required before carrying out the work, which will be submitted to the university within 1 month from the date of such MOA (please see the manual on Work Performance Evaluation for Academic Staffs B.E. 2562 for more details).
Answer: If the mistake is found during a performance review, you can notify the evaluation committee to unlock the system and correct the result thereof.
  1. Your supervisor will inform each of you about the result of your work performance and provide feedback for your performance improvement. 
  2. You can check your recorded information by logging in to My Profile via the Intranet system and select Evaluation Result/Salary Raise.