Letter of certification

Letter of employment certification shall be issued to confirm personnel’s employment status

1. How to apply for a letter of employment certification?
1.1 Obtain a letter of certification application form from the Human Resource Management Office. Contact 02-4708084 for additional details.
1.2 Access and go to Forms > Letter of Certification to download the form.
2. When can personnel pick up a letter of certification? 
Within one day (24 hours) of application submission.

3. Legal benefits of a letter of certification 
  1. Supporting document for VISA application. 
  2. Supporting document for financial transactions such as home or car purchase.
  3. Work experience certification for job application.
4. Letter of housing welfare certification
Personnel can apply for a letter of housing welfare certification to supplement a bank loan application. Access and go to Forms > Letter of Housing Welfare Certification Request Form to download the form. Attach a copy of the latest pay slip. Contact 02-4708081 for more details.