Severance pay

The University shall grant severance pay to personnel in case of employment termination or dismissal by the University in proportion to their service period as follows:

Service period

Times x salary amount

120days less then 1year


1year less then 3years


3years less then 6years


6years less then 10years


10years less then 20years


20 years and over


However, the University shall not grant any severance pay in the case that personnel are dismissed or have their employment terminated for the following reasons:
  1. Intentionally commit malfeasance or criminal act against the University; 
  2. Intentionally cause severe damage to the University;
  3. Negligent and reckless performance of their duties resulting in severe damage to the University;
  4. Personnel violate the University’s lawful and fair regulations, rules or orders after the University issued a written warning to the said personnel. The written warning shall be effective for no more than one year from the date that the offense was committed. 
  5. Personnel have been sentenced by a final judgment to a term of imprisonment, except for an offence committed through negligence or a petty offence.
  6. Personnel abandon their duties or are absent from work for more than 10 consecutive days without a reasonable cause.