Late Retirement of Civil Servant/Transition of Civil Servant to Staff Member

Late Retirement of Civil Servant

Answer: The Unit must plan on the manpower in advance of 4 years before the normal retirement of the Civil Servant.

Transition of Civil Servant to Staff Member

  1. Form Expressing Intent to Transition
  2. Form Summarizing Evaluation of Civil Servant to the University's Staff Member in Other Professional Field, Operative Class
  3. Job Description
  4. Form Evaluating Performance of Past 1 Year
  5. Form Stipulating Indicators of Activity Value and Necessary Skills/Characteristics for Supporting Request for Approval for Transition to Staff Member
  6. Portfolio
  7. All documents are proposed through the chain of command, and submitted to Human Resource Management Office for further processes, provided that the Forms can be downloaded at

Answer: Fill in details, comparing the current position and class of the position to be transited from Civil Servant to Staff Member under the indicators in each topic.