Academic staff

There are two parts of evaluation, i.e. Part: 1 academicbperformance which has a weight of 70% and Part 2: work behavior (competency) of 30%.

            Part 1: Academic Performance shall be assessed quantitatively.  In addition, the value and quality of the work and the impact on students, agencies, universities, society, countries and/or international community will also be appraised which will be in accordance with the workload agreement and the expected score criteria.  The scores come from two sections:

            1.1 Scores for all five groups of work performance as specified in the Academic Performance Evaluation Handbook

            1.2 Scores from the summary report of the work with the value and impacts which should demonstrate both concrete details and quality along with self-development which reflects the job evaluation for their current position in accordance with the criteria and guideline for the promotion of academic staff.

            Once a year, each unit determines the ratio of the performance evaluation of Section 1.1 and Section 1.2 according to the criteria for the performance evaluation of academic staff to present the president for approval by June. In this regard, the staff prepare an academic duty agreement with their immediate supervisors twice a year, according to the assessment cycle, i.e.  during June and July and during December and January. This must be approved by the Dean/Director of the Office or the Institute accordingly.

            Part 2: Work Behavior (competency) based on the performance stipulated by the university.

            The academic staff must attain the performance assessment score of no less than 60% from Part 1 of academic performance and Part 2 of Work behavior (competence). Failure to pass any part of the evaluation shall be considered “failed” for overall performance evaluation which is equivalent to a performance rating of C and shall not be granted a raise.

For additional details, see:

-      Academic Performance Evaluation Handbook, B.E. 2562 (2019).
-     Criteria for the Performance Evaluation of Academic Staff, B.E. 2562 (2019).

Academic support, administrative and administrative support staff

For their performance evaluation, personnel must prepare an annual work performance plan with mutual agreement between personnel and their superior. At the scheduled performance evaluation period, personnel shall prepare a work performance evaluation form for an evaluation on two parts of performance. 

Part 1 Work performance – 70%. Personnel initially conduct a self-evaluation and submit the outcome to their immediate superior for further evaluation.
Part 2 Performance characteristics and specific qualifications (competency) – 30%.

Pass criteria for both parts of performance evaluation:
  1. Personnel – total pass criteria of no less than 60%
  2. Middle-level administrators – pass criteria of no less than 65%.
  3. High-level administrators – a combined pass criteria of no less than 70%.
Pass criteria for performance characteristics and specific qualifications are as follows:
  1. Personnel – total pass criteria of no less than 60%      
  2. Middle-level administrators – total pass criteria of no less than 65%
  3. High-level administrators – total pass criteria of no less than 70%
For additional details, see Performance Evaluation Form for Personnel in Other Professions Handbook.