Salary and Compensation

Position, Salary, and Compensation

Answer: You can check the information by logging in to MyProfile via the Intranet system. Then, go to Evaluation Result/Salary Raise and check your salary status in column Max Value. 
Answer: The compensation paid to each university administrative staff already includes position allowance. As such, there will be no other prerequisites than normal compensation. 

Salary Raise for University Staffs

Answer: Notice Approval on Annual Salary Raise in Note column. It will keep you informed you whether your salary status has reached the maximum point or is reaching (the term ‘is reaching’ means your salary status is 10% left before reaching the Max point in your Salary Box).
Answer: KMUTT’s Regulations on Requirements for Salary Promotion for University Staffs B.E. 2555 (2011), Article 12 provides that any information relating to the salary, compensations, including salary promotion for university staffs shall be confidential and shall not be disclosed to any third parties.
Answer: The Reference Point is a reference value on which the calculation of salary for each university staff is based. For example, your salary is THB30,000. Supposed the Ref. Point for Group ว1 is THB20,000 and you are entitled to 5% salary raise. Then, the amount of your raise is THB1,000 and your total salary entitlement becomes THB31,000.    
Answer: The university will determine the rate of Reference Point for the calculation of salary raise for each Salary Box according to position structure and salary rate as approved by the Office of the University Council. The Reference Point is determined by an average salary rate and Mid Point in each Salary Box. The Reference Point may also be equal to Mid Point in any particular year. 

Salary Raise for Public Servants (performance rating using Forced Ranking method)

Scores between 90-100: A
Scores between 80-89: B+       
Scores between 70-79: B       
Scores between 60-69: C+       
Scores < 60: C and will not be considered for salary review.