Academic rank appointment

Academic staff
Specific qualifications 

Academic rank

Educational qualification

Position-specific qualification


Assist. Prof.

Masters degree

Being an Lecturer and having no less than four years of teaching experience

Completed the probationary period of employment as specified by the University


Being an Lecturer and having no less than one year of teaching experience

Assoc. Prof.


Being an Assist. Prof. for no less than two years




Being an Assoc. Prof. for no less than two years


Supporting documents for academic rank appointment request
  1. Academic rank appointment request form (TorWor.01/33).
  2. Instrutor of academic work certification. 
  3. Academic rank appointment consideration request form (Kor.Por.Or.03).
  4. Teaching evaluation /research results.
  5. Certification of applicant’s academic work contribution form.
  6. Academic works (5 copies for Normal Track promotion and 7 copies for Fast Track promotion)
Additional details or relevant regulations and rules can be obtained and all forms can be downloaded from the Intranet system/Documents: Academic rank appointment

Procedures for academic rank appointment request

    1. Applicants submit relevant forms, teaching materials/academic books or textbooks/research reports and academic works that have been approved by the Head of Department/Academic Area Chairman and the Dean.
    2. The Faculty Administrative Committee considers and approves the academic rank appointment request, then proposes appointment of a Teaching/Research Evaluation Committee.
    3. The Academic Council appoints a Teaching/Research Evaluation Committee.
    4. The Committee evaluates applicant’s teaching /research works.
    5. The Faculty forwards relevant forms and documents, teaching/research work evaluation outcome to the Human Resource Management Office.
    6. The Human Resource Management Office affixes the receiving date on the request documents (to be considered the starting date of an academic rank appointment).
    7. The Academic Council appoints an Expert Committee to evaluate applicant’s academic works.
    8. Experts evaluate applicant’s academic works.
    9. The University Council/Academic Council appoint applicant to the approved academic rank.